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Eat Food that loves you back

What we've been told to eat to improve our health clearly isn't working. Low fat, low calorie, foods chocoblock full of sugar! We are larger and unhealthier than ever before.

Sure, processed foods are convenient, but at what cost? We are losing our cooking skills, relying on health messages from the processed food industry, eating foods that irritate our digestion, joints, cardiovascular system and our hormones. We’re left wondering why we are getting sicker and bigger and feeling run-down, not to mention the numerous pills we’re popping to mask the symptoms of deteriorating health.

Science is now telling us we need to re-learn the ropes when it comes to what is healthy and what isn’t. We need to work out what our own bodies need – we are all different!



Nutrition & Health education

Community & Corporate presentations and webinars on various health related topics, always based on the latest science.

Australia-wide and internationally.

Nutritional medicine consultations

It’s not just the junk food that’s causing weight issues and chronic disease. Foods affect us all differently.

Learn how to identify which foods are causing more harm than good, and which foods will love you back.

lchf & therapeutic ketogenic diet specialist

Dietary management to maintain or improve health, lose weight, or for the dietary management of a chronic health condition such as obesity, lipoedema, lipolymphoedema, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, type 2 diabetes.

It Doesn't matter if you've failed before. What matters is you try again.

Client Reviews

Megan is passionate about helping people with their health issues. She has helped me with my weight loss and reversed my pre-diabetes.
Happy Client
With Megan’s help my little family have lost around 50 kgs. We all feel great. This is a new way of life for us, no going back.
Happy Client

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